Our Mission

To advance the constitutional ideals of liberty and justice for all Mississippians by employing an evidenced-based approach to public policy whereby we advocate for and advance real conservative ideas with policy makers, members of the media, business leaders, the academic community, and private citizens.

Our Vision

For Mississippi to be a place where entrepreneurs are free to pursue their dreams, parents are free to direct the education and upbringing of their children, citizens are free to express their conscience, government is limited, personal liberty and responsibility are treasured, free market solutions are preferred, and as many people as possible are free from dependence on government.

Our Ideals

♦ Limited Government

The Constitution should be our guide to public policy,

♦ Free Markets

Competition and consumer choice produce the best outcomes for individuals.

♦ Strong Families

Strong, intact families are the wellspring of a civil society.

♦ Individual Liberty

Individuals have the freedom to make their own personal, economic, and religious decisions.

♦ Personal Responsibility

A requirement for individual liberty, the individual is responsible for his or her actions and outcomes.