2013 Legislative Recap: Education, Health Care, Transparency, and Economic Incentives

Education: Best bills of the session

The 2013 session was heralded as the education session and revealed quite a bit about how far the legislature was willing to go – or not go – in pursuit of fundamental education reform. To their credit, legislators passed a modest charter school bill that allows charters in D and F districts. In addition, they passed a bill ending social promotion for third graders who cannot read.

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2012 Legislative Session – Education Bills Recap

2012 Session | Education Bills Recap: Mississippi Students Denied Choice Yet Again

As far as education policy goes, the low point of the 2012 session was the failure of charter school legislation in the House. In addition to charters, legislators introduced several other bills that would have expanded educational freedom in Mississippi. These include a bill to provide scholarships to low-income students to attend the school of their choice; a special needs voucher bill; and an open enrollment public school choice bill.

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