RFRA: The Civil Rights Act of the First Amendment Law

Before the year began, many legislators were expecting a relatively noncontroversial session. This was, perhaps, wishful thinking. But one bill that did not seem controversial was SB 2681, the Mississippi Religious Freedom Restoration Act (MS-RFRA). Indeed, SB 2681 sailed through the Senate with little debate and even seemed an appropriate vehicle for the governor’s proposal to add "In God We Trust" to the state seal.

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Federal Gov’t Bigger Than ever, Problems Still Exist

Last year, the federal government took in more money than any year in history – $2.7 trillion. The federal government also spent more money than any year in history – $3.7 trillion. We spent a trillion dollars more last year than we spent in 2006, just seven years earlier!

This shows that no matter how much we increase government spending, the problems that money is supposed to alleviate still exist, now accompanied by the additional burden of astronomical debt.

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