Choices And Freedom

Choices and Freedom

When parents exercise their responsibility to orchestrate their children's education, some choose to educate their children at home, but most parents "hire" professional educators. They might hire private tutors, but usually they "hire" public or private schools. In either case,…

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Leading Toward Liberty

Do you believe government is trying to do too much?

We do. Government at all levels has taken on responsibilities that should be left to individuals, families, churches, and communities. People look to government to be their savior – to provide for their needs, to bail them out of bad decisions, and to impose their own agenda on other people through the force of law.

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Governing By Principle Home Page

MCPP’s Governing by Principle is a call to Mississippi elected officials, candidates, and citizens to put principle above politics and partisanship. The ideas relied upon by America’s Founders to frame our government came long before there were Republicans and Democrats. The principles we have identified transcend partisan politics and even the hottest issues of the day.

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Questions for Evaluating State Spending

How can public officials�or private citizens�take the principles found in our Governing by Principle primer and apply them to proposed laws, regulations, or other actions? The first step, of course, is to understand the principles and resolve to live by them. But in the rush through the agenda of a committee or board meeting or a legislative session, it can be difficult to evaluate each proposal.

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