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Saturday, September 5, 2015


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A Stones Throw The Movie
MCPP's movie about the need for charter schools in Mississippi.

Parent Power
What is a charter school? How would Mississippi benefit from charters? Answers for parents, teachers, community leaders, politicians, and more.

Governing By Principle
Ten Principles to Guide Public Policy.

See The Spending
Find out how much the State of Mississippi and Mississippi counties have spent in recent years.

National Policy
Research Organizations

Acton Institute
Religion, welfare, education, free markets, environment
Alliance Defense Fund
Religious liberty, family, life issues
American Center for Law and Justice
Religious liberty, marriage and family
American Legislative Exchange Council
Tax and fiscal policy, crime, health care, welfare, education, economic development
Atlas Economic Research Foundation
Economics, free markets
Cato Institute
Free markets, tax and fiscal policy, domestic policy, foreign policy
The Center for Education Reform
The Claremont Institute
Founding principles, political philosophy
Competitive Enterprise Institute
Free markets, environment, technology
Citizens Against Government Waste
Tax and fiscal policy
Citizens for a Sound Economy
Tax and fiscal policy, education, welfare, health care
Discovery Institute
Bioethics, science, technology, law, economics
Empower America
Social issues, tax and fiscal policy, technology
Ethics and Public Policy Center
Religion, domestic policy, foreign policy
Family Research Council
Marriage and family, religion and culture, bioethics, economics, law
The Federalist Society
Law and public policy
Focus on the Family
Marriage and family issues
Foundation for Economic Education
Economics, free markets
Galen Institute
Health care
Heartland Institute
Tax and fiscal policy, education, health care, environment
Heritage Foundation
Tax and fiscal policy, foreign policy, domestic policy, health care, education, social security
Hoover Institution
Domestic policy, foreign policy, national security, education, economic growth
Hudson Institute
Economics, education, foreign policy, welfare
The Institute for American Values
Marriage and family
Institute for Policy Innovation
Tax and fiscal policy, health care, economic growth, technology
Manhattan Institute for Policy Research
Economic growth, welfare, crime, education, legal reform
Milton and Rose D. Friedman Foundation
Education, school choice
National Center for Policy Analysis
Taxes, crime, health care, welfare, social security
National Taxpayers Union
Taxes, economics
The Progress and Freedom Foundation
Technology, free markets
RAND Corporation
Economy, education, health care, domestic policy, civil justice, technology, national security
Reason Foundation
Economy, government, crime, education, welfare, foreign policy
Tax Foundation
Tax and fiscal policy

State Policy Organizations

Alabama Policy Institute

Goldwater Institute

Arkansas Policy Foundation

Pacific Research Institute

Independence Institute

James Madison Institute

Georgia Family Council

Georgia Public Policy Foundation
Bluegrass Institute for Public Policy Solutions

Maryland Public Policy Institute

Beacon Hill Institute for Public Policy Research

Pioneer Institute for Public Policy Research
Mackinac Center for Public Policy

Center for the American Experiment

North Carolina
John Locke Foundation
Buckeye Institute for Public Policy Solutions

Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs

Cascade Policy Institute

Allegheny Institute for Public Policy

The Commonwealth Foundation
Texas Public Policy Foundation

The Sutherland Institute

Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy

Evergreen Freedom Foundation

Washington Policy Center

Miscellaneous Research Links

Federal Resources for Educational Excellence
More than 1,500 federally supported teaching and learning resources are included from dozens of federal agencies.

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