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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

MCPP Commentary


MCPP On The Radio

See the schedules for Vital Signs Commentaries by Forest Thigpen on radio stations throughout Mississippi....
gold capital

Lottery is a new tax on false hope

Op-Ed by Dr. Jameson Taylor...
Dollar Sign

Mississippi's secret plan to raise taxes

Op-Ed by Mike Hurst...

Crime doesn't pay; jobs do

Op-Ed by Forest Thigpen...
Dollar Sign

Honor System for Welfare Not Working

Trust, but verify. Seems like commonsense. Unfortunately, government programs are often lacking in common sense....

Listen Before You Speak

What do you think would happen in our society if we treated people with respect when we disagree with them politically? Instead of name-calling, which is common on social media, or saying their disagreement with us is driven by hatred, what if we actually listened...

Faith is OK as Motivator for Government Leaders

Governor Bryant is drawing some criticism for saying he was driven by his Christian faith to sign a particular law. Let's think about that....
Governing by Principle

When Constitutional Rights Conflict

What happens when two Constitutional rights are in conflict?...
We the people

Truth About the Freedom of Conscience Bill

Here's the truth about the Freedom of Conscience bill. Its purpose is to keep the government from discriminating against people who believe marriage is between one man and one woman....
Supreme Court

MCPP Creates the Mississippi Justice Institute

For 23 years, our organization has worked to help legislators write laws to guard the liberty of the people of our state, to enhance their opportunities, and to protect their families. We have now created a new legal division to pursue those same goals in the judicial...

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