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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

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EPA's Grab for Mississippi's Grid

Should EPA Take Control of our Electricity?...
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Why Children with Special Needs Should Have Special Option for Their Education

Senator Nancy Collins talks about the critical need for educational options for special needs students in Mississippi....

Initiative 42 Regarding Public Schools - MCPP Responds to Criticism of Our Initial Analysis

MCPP analyzes the response of proponents of Initiative 42 to our initial analysis of that ballot initiative, which proposes a Constitutional amendment regarding education....
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EPA / Fish & Wildlife: Legislating Without Congress on Clean Air & Endangered Species

Presentation by
William L. Kovacs Senior Vice President Environment, Technology & Regulatory Affairs U.S. Chamber of Commerce...

Ballot Initiative 42 - Regarding Public Education

Signatures are now being gathered to place Initiative 42, known by some as the "MAEP" Initiative, on the Mississippi ballot next year. What is Initiative 42 and what will it do?...
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8 Reasons to Say No to Medicaid Expansion

MCPP is opposed to Medicaid expansion. It is an expensive investment in a program with poor quality outcomes for the people it tries to serve. Here are 8 reasons why we oppose Medicaid expansion....

The Facts About Medicaid Expansion

Four facts about Medicaid expansion in Misissippi...
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2013 Legislative Recap: Education, Health Care, Transparency, and Economic Incentives

A summary of the best and worst bills in the areas of education, health care, transparency, and economic development....
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Summary of Research on Pre-K

What does the research on state-funded Pre-K really show? We've compiled the major studies so Mississippians can judge for themselves....

Leading Toward Liberty

Mississippi Center for Public Policy’s Leading Toward Liberty campaign is designed to return our state government to its proper role - to guard the liberty of its people....

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