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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

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Telemedecine Testimony

Telemedicine: High-Quality, Affordable Care for Mississippi Families
Hearing on Telemedicine
Testimony before the Miss. State Senate, Public Health & Welfare Committee
October 18, 2016...

Poll Shows Welfare-to-Work Reforms Have Substantial Voter Support

-- A new poll of registered Mississippi voters shows substantial support for welfare fraud prevention measures included in a bill moving through the state legislature....

Poll Shows Huge Voter Opposition to Civil Forfeiture

A new poll of registered Mississippi voters shows overwhelming opposition to current state laws that permit police to keep seized cash and property taken from a person not convicted of a crime. Known as "civil forfeiture," the practice has come under increased...

Op-Ed Truth about the Freedom of Conscience Bill

If all the things being said by the opponents of HB 1523 were true, I would be against it as well.

But they are not....

News Release - Poll Shows Voter Support for HB 1523

New poll shows Mississippi voters want to protect pastors, churches, schools, and businesses from government discrimination and unjust punishment....

Religious Freedom = Economic Freedom

"[E]conomic freedom describes the degree to which individuals can live their lives and make personal choices without government intervention."...

HB1523 One Page Fact Sheet

Protecting Freedom of Conscience from Government Discrimination...

What Will More Money for K-12 Education Accomplish?

Proponents of spending more money on education say, or at least imply, that "fully funding the MAEP formula" will produce better results for students. But will it?...

Initiative 42 and 42A Analysis & Comparison

Initiative 42 and Alternative 42A will appear on the Nov. 3 Mississippi ballot. This updated analysis describes the effects these proposals could have if either one is adopted....

Initiative 42 & 42A Presentation

Slides from MCPP's presentation regarding Initiative 42 and 42A...

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