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Tuesday, May 30, 2017



Policy Snapshots - April 24, 2017

Court: IRS must answer conservative group

24 states: half or more babies on Medicaid

Arizona's big school choice victory

Population shifts

Funding Students, Not Districts...

Policy Snapshots - Can Grammar Be Racist?

Can grammar be racist?

Mississippi charter schools ranked

Federal Trade Commission calls for occupational licensing reform

The Permission Society

Mississippi licensure reform could become national model...

Policy Snapshots - Welfare Myths, Forfeiture Reform & Don't Touch That Horse

Myths about welfare produce bad policy

Governor approves asset forfeiture reform

Don't touch that horse without a license

Mississippi needs 80,000 more construction workers

Policy Reports on Internet Taxes, Welfare & Licensing Reforms...

Policy Snapshots - Misissippi's Economy & Pirate Lawyers

Mississippi's top employer is government

Five charts explain Mississippi's "budget crisis"

Religious liberty is good for the economy

Regulation through litigation...

Policy Snapshots - February 16, 2017

After Valentine's Day: Should She Break Up With Gov?
Regulations need an expiration date

Award for repealing "archaic" tax

ICYMI - On The Radio

Give Ed Dept science standards feedback...

Policy Snapshots - February 7, 2017

President Trump orders regulatory relief

Education System Holds the Poor Down

Vo-Tech students more job-ready

Crippling regulations

History is Mystery...

Policy Snapshots - January 25, 2017

President Trump signs ACA executive order

Save Our Schools

Mississippi earns "F" in forfeiture

The "Mother, May I" Government

Obamacare promises largely unmet...

Policy Snapshots - January 18, 2017

Sheriff's Office Took the Furniture: Mississippi's Asset Forfeiture Laws

Federal Agencies Approve 18 Rules for Every Law Congress Passes

School Choice Liberty Luncheon Jan. 24 with Kevin Chavous
Take the Bill of Rights Quiz!...

Policy Snapshots - January 13, 2015

Stop Police from Taking & Keeping Property Without a Conviction

Mississippi Families Are On the Move

Downplaying Vocational Skills Has Limited the Opportunities for Low-Income Students

School Choice Programs Survive Union-Sponsored Lawsuit to End Them...

Snapshots - December 9, 2014

*Grocery Store Choice vs. School Choice
* Mississippi Has Fifth-Highest Minimum Wage When Adjusted for Cost of Living
* Promises Made, Promises Broken 2014: Unfunded Liabilities Hit $4.7 Trillion
* EPA Power Grab Enormous Expense, for What?
* "Right to Try"...

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