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Thursday, November 27, 2014



Snapshots January 21, 2014

Join Us for A School Choice Celebration!
Mississippi Schools Get Lowest Achievement Ranking in the US
United States Drops Again on Index of Economic Freedom
New Evidence Raises Doubts on Obama's Preschool for All...

Snapshots - January 7, 2014

Raising the Minimum Wage Hurts More Than Helps
31 Changes to ObamaCare...So Far
Education Savings Accounts: More Choice for Parents
Mississippi: 28.2% Government-Financed Jobs
Federal Gov’t Bigger Than Ever, Problems Still Exist...
Charter School

Answers: A Charter School Q&A Series

Issue #3...
Charter School

Answers: A Charter School Q&A Series

Issue #2...
Charter School

Answers: A Charter School Q&A

Issue #1...
Supreme Court

Policy Snapshots - June 27, 2012

Charter schools, government spending, sugar tariffs, and Medicare/Medicaid fraud...
Gold Dome

Policy Snapshots - June 15, 2012

New EPA regulations, excessive licensing, education spending, and welfare reform...
Supreme Court

Policy Snapshots - May 9, 2011

The City That Privatized Everything
Judge's Demand for Homeschooler IDs Canceled
School District Rebuked for Keeping Children’s Records from Parents
Ten Thousand Commandments
Three Charts That Should Scare You...

Policy Snapshots - March 21, 2011

MCPP's Liberty Luncheon
Millions of Jobs at Stake with EPA Efforts to Regulate Carbon Dioxide
Feds Instruct Teachers to Facebook-Creep Students
Congress Needs Perspective on the $61 Billion Spending Cuts
Students Perform Better With Teachers Who Are Paid for...
Dollar Sign

Policy Snapshots - February 11, 2011

Most Americans Don’t Know U.S. Has World’s Biggest Economy
America’s Most Bizarre Taxes
Stop Federal Spending on Education
The Debt Limit: Made Simple
Will You Get Back What You Paid into Social Security?
A Majority of Union Members Work For The Government...

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