Mississippi Center for Public Policy

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

MCPP Reports and Commentary

Our Work 

Publish research and analysis in easy-to-read, practical formats. These publications, usually two-to-four pages in length, are sent to policy makers, the news media, business leaders, and supporters. During campaign seasons, these publications are sent to all candidates running for legislative and statewide elected office.

Conduct research, and utilize research done by national and other state-based organizations. MCPP also contracts with experts in certain fields for specific research projects. Whatever the means, MCPP seeks the most effective and efficient way of studying and analyzing an issue.

Write opinion columns for newspapers in Mississippi. These commentaries are written to educate and equip individuals to be able to defend with confidence the principles of limited government, free markets, and strong traditional families.

Produce radio commentaries, with topics and purposes similar to our newspaper columns.

Conduct speaking engagements for civic clubs, churches, and other groups. These engagements often coincide with meetings with local media, as well as local business leaders and other "opinion-shapers" in the local community.

Maintain an active presence at the Capitol during legislative sessions, emphasizing its priorities and providing information and advice as requested by legislators.

Host policy seminars for legislators. The seminars cover philosophy of government, specific policy ideas, the basics of parliamentary procedure, strategic methods of advancing their agendas, and a presentation of the resources offered by MCPP.

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