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Friday, March 27, 2015

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Special Needs Bill: Bold Step in Giving Parents More Choice

Mississippi Center for Public Policy President Forest Thigpen commended the Mississippi Legislature for passing the "Equal Opportunity for Children with Special Needs" bill, Senate Bill 2695. The bill is now on its way to Governor Bryant, who has promised to sign...
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Legislative Update - March 20, 2015

Legislative activity for the week of March 16-20, 2015...
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Legislative Update - March 13, 2015

Summary of activity in the Mississippi Legislature for the week of 3/9/15 through 3/13/15...
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Legislative Update - March 6, 2015

Legislative activity in the Mississippi Legislature for the week of March 6, 2015...
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Legislative Update - February 27, 2015

With two major exceptions, the Senate and House passed primarily routine bills this week. They both passed a number of Appropriations bills, but the votes on those are essentially meaningless, because all appropriations amounts will be decided in the last week...
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Legislative Halftime Report

Monday the 16th essentially marked the halfway point of the 2015 legislative session....

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MCPP On The Radio

See the schedules for Vital Signs Commentaries by Forest Thigpen on radio stations throughout Mississippi....
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Education "Profits"

Opponents of school choice often say they are afraid of profit-making in public education, with the strong implication that they think this is an evil concept....

Thigpen Statement on Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

MCPP President Forest Thigpen issued the following statement regarding the ruling by U.S. District Judge Carlton Reeves which overturned Mississippi's Constitutional provision defining marriage:...
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RFRA: The Civil Rights Act of First Amendment Law

Before the year began, many legislators were expecting a relatively noncontroversial session. This was, perhaps, wishful thinking. But one bill that did not seem controversial was SB 2681, the Mississippi Religious Freedom Restoration Act (MS-RFRA)....
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Federal Gov't Bigger Than Ever, Problems Still Exist

Last year, the federal government took in more money than any year in history - $2.7 trillion. The federal government also spent more money than any year in history - $3.7 trillion. We spent a trillion dollars more last year than we spent in 2006, just seven years...
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Government is Not the Solution

Too many people in our country - including some who say they're conservative - have fallen into the trap of thinking that the only way to fix our problems is to corral all the elements of those problems and place them under the control of the government....

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MCPP snapshots


Policy Snapshots - January 13, 2015

Stop Police from Taking & Keeping Property Without a Conviction

Mississippi Families Are On the Move

Downplaying Vocational Skills Has Limited the Opportunities for Low-Income Students

School Choice Programs Survive Union-Sponsored Lawsuit to End Them...

Snapshots - December 9, 2014

*Grocery Store Choice vs. School Choice
* Mississippi Has Fifth-Highest Minimum Wage When Adjusted for Cost of Living
* Promises Made, Promises Broken 2014: Unfunded Liabilities Hit $4.7 Trillion
* EPA Power Grab Enormous Expense, for What?
* "Right to Try"...

Snapshots - November 21, 2014

* War on Poverty at 50 - What Have We Accomplished?
* Replacing the Environmental Protection Agency
* Net Neutrality: Imposing the "Utility Model" on Internet Providers
* Spurring Innovation in American Health Care
* America more pessimistic than poor nations...

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