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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

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At MJI it is Sunshine Week All Year Long!

Organizations and journalists across the country celebrate "Sunshine Week" this week. We're not talking about daylight savings time. This is a time when citizens and reporters herald our rights and our responsibility to keep government accountable....
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HB 1425: Necessary Regulatory Reform

Necessary Regulatory Reform
that Will Protect Consumers and Lower Prices...
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Welfare Fraud Policy Brief

A bill (HB 1090) before the Miss. Senate implements a number of best practices aimed at combatting welfare fraud....
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Mississippi's Internet Sales Tax: Answers to Common Questions

The explosion of online retail sales has fostered a debate about whether and how to collect taxes on those purchases from companies that are not currently required to collect them. During the 2017 legislative session, the Mississippi House of Representatives passed...

MJI files Ethics Commission complaint over Dept of Revenue refusal to disclose Amazon agreement

Today, the Mississippi Justice Institute (MJI) filed a complaint with the Mississippi Ethics Commission following a refusal by the Department of Revenue (DOR) to make available public documents related to a voluntary agreement between that agency and the online...

MJI Fighting for Families in Charter Schools

This week the Mississippi Justice Institute filed a brief in Hinds County Chancery Court supporting the students who attend charter schools and the parents who made those educational choices for their children....

MCPP Commentary


MCPP On The Radio

See the schedules for Vital Signs Commentaries by Forest Thigpen on radio stations throughout Mississippi....
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Honor System for Welfare Not Working

Trust, but verify. Seems like commonsense. Unfortunately, government programs are often lacking in common sense....

Listen Before You Speak

What do you think would happen in our society if we treated people with respect when we disagree with them politically? Instead of name-calling, which is common on social media, or saying their disagreement with us is driven by hatred, what if we actually listened...

Faith is OK as Motivator for Government Leaders

Governor Bryant is drawing some criticism for saying he was driven by his Christian faith to sign a particular law. Let's think about that....
Governing by Principle

When Constitutional Rights Conflict

What happens when two Constitutional rights are in conflict?...
We the people

Truth About the Freedom of Conscience Bill

Here's the truth about the Freedom of Conscience bill. Its purpose is to keep the government from discriminating against people who believe marriage is between one man and one woman....

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MCPP snapshots


Policy Snapshots - Welfare Myths, Forfeiture Reform & Don't Touch That Horse

Myths about welfare produce bad policy

Governor approves asset forfeiture reform

Don't touch that horse without a license

Mississippi needs 80,000 more construction workers

Policy Reports on Internet Taxes, Welfare & Licensing Reforms...

Policy Snapshots - Misissippi's Economy & Pirate Lawyers

Mississippi's top employer is government

Five charts explain Mississippi's "budget crisis"

Religious liberty is good for the economy

Regulation through litigation...

Policy Snapshots - February 16, 2017

After Valentine's Day: Should She Break Up With Gov?
Regulations need an expiration date

Award for repealing "archaic" tax

ICYMI - On The Radio

Give Ed Dept science standards feedback...

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